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Shane Collins Associates
Suite 112
Davina House
137-149 Goswell Rd,
London EC1V 7ET

Contact Number: 0207 253 1010

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Prospective Clients

Shane Collins Associates is an independent agency where the agent and client work closely together. You will never be treated as ‘just another client’. Whenever you call the agency, you will always be able to talk to the right person, who knows you and believes in you. You will never be asked to call back and your enquiry will never end up on someone else’s desk.

If you are looking for representation, you need to provide us with a showreel that shows you at your very best ... whether it is film, television, theatre, or any other media.

Please send an email to with your CV, a photo, and a link to your showreel in the body of the message.

We take a lot of time looking at videos and reading CV's so please don't think you have wasted your time in sending stuff.

If we feel we can help with your career, we will get back to you and If we don't. It's usually because of one of these reasons

  1. We don't feel we are the right people for you at this time.
  2. You might clash with an actor we already represent.
  3. That you are with a pretty good agent anyway.

Please don't get disheartened we present all our clients all the time and probably only get 10% of the Jobs.

You will find the Right agent for you.

Best wishes and good luck.

Please note that we do not see visitors without a prior appointment.

Charity Requests

We are currently asking you not to send anything to our offices.

Fan Mail

We are currently asking you not to send anything to our offices.

We are not forwarding requests to clients

If you are asking for Autographed Pictures these can be arranged but a fee would have to be paid in advance.

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